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Joe!! Hi everyone,

I am quitting this site. This week's update might be the last one, depending on what Scandinavia Online says. The reason? Too much work for me ^_^ I've tried to hold on as long as I can, but it just didn't work out. Well, some people might be glad to hear this, some might be disapppointed, and most people won't care anyway.

Oh well, this might be the last editorial from me. PSG will remain online after I quit, but it won't be updated anymore (at least not by me).

I've been maintaining this site for over 2 years. There were good times, and there were bad times. I might continue writing reviews, once in a while perhaps, but I haven't decided where to submit them yet.

That's about it. Bye all! Sayonara!!! ^_^

Joe Chan, wchan@sn.no - October 12th, 1998


Joe Chan


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