Title Idol Jansi Suchi Pai II Limited
Developer/Publisher Jaleco
Type Mahjong
English Version Not Available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Ty Hen

First off, I would like to say that I haven't noticed a mahjong game listed on this site. I'm sure there are some people wondering about one or are interested in finding out more. I found Suchi Pai to be an enjoyable mahjong game with great anime artwork and music. And so I have written about it here ...

From what I know, the game takes up only one disc. I believe the other two discs are both CD audio discs (containing music from the game). Either that or one of them is a CD-ROM of anime artwork but I'm almost sure at least one of them is an audio CD.


Suchi Pai is essentially a fun mahjong game but with a few twists which I'll get into later. I haven't seen any of the Suchi Pai anime videos but apparently she's a cute redheaded anime superhero-type gal. Suchi's friend is kidnapped in the intro and you have to play mahjong against a couple other girls to try and save her. You join Suchi and her other sexy friends try to get her back.


The anime artwork is simply gorgeous. It is drawn by Kenichi Sonada who does the anime artwork for the excellent Bubblegum Crisis and Gunsmith Cats shows. Indeed, if you like anime babes/gals, Suchi Pai has plenty of girls in various getups. It's like a total eye-candy treat playing this game. There's a bit of movement too. The girl's eyes and lips move (compared to some other anime games where the picture is non-moving) Here's the best part: when you beat a particular girl, they take off whatever dress they're wearing! Well, it's just stripping down to a swimsuit or underwear though but still, nice view!


The background music throughout the game is pretty good -- poppy, synth type beats accompany your mahjong playing. There are a couple of japanese vocal songs that are upbeat and a treat to hear especially if you're into anime music. These songs are usually heard when you beat the game using the different characters. You can also go to the music menu and play them. As you play, the game, the characters will talk to you in japanese saying things like "Hurry Up!" or "Hah".


Well, it's mahjong! What can I say? But it does have a few surprises! When you first start the game, Suchi Pai is automatically with you and you choose another anime gal for a "partner". Then some storyline kicks in but you can choose to skip that by pressing a button. And then it's mahjong time againsta another girl. Apparently, it goes by a point system (sorry, I don't really know the full rules of japanese-style mahjong) and everytime you win a game, you earn points and switch to a different screen sorta like "memory game" where you open panels to (1) reveal the anime picture beneath and (2) get bonus points or special abilities. When you totally defeat your opponent, all the panels will open up to reveal that girl's picture and you are treated to a videoclip of her taking her outer clothing off! You can use the D-Pad to scroll up and down to ogle the juicy image. Then it's off to the next opponent.

Along the way, the girls you defeat earlier in the game join you. This happens when you accumulate a certain number of points. They morph into their superhero counterparts (Cherry-Pie, Lemon Pie, and others) and join Suchi Pai. They contribute to your game by utilizing their own special abilities further explained below.

The other thing about this mahjong game, (the twist I mentioned) is that you have special abilities. You gain these thru racking up points thereby allowing you to open panels. When you match two panels -- say, the "Hyper- Eye" panel, you can use this ability to literally see the opponent's tiles! Other abilities include (1) destroy the opponent's winning tile if they attempt to pick it up (2) change a picked up tile to the winning tile -- I like this ability (3) make combinations to rack up extra points.

When you beat the game with a certain girl partner, beat it again with all the other girl characters. Doing so will open up a new stage where the final boss to play mahjong against is Suchi herself! Beating her means seeing her take off her clothes and the game is really finished!


If you like luscious anime babes with lots of curves, anime music, and are looking for a fun, easy-to-play mahjong game, then Suchi Pai may be perfect for you! The game artwork alone I think is worth it! The character expressions on the girl's faces are hilarious such as the shock on Suchi's face when the opponent announces they've won; to her angry look at losing the game.