Title Midnight Run
Developer/Publisher Konami
Type Racing
English version Not Available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Peter Leung

It's here at last, after many previews and delays its finally reach the home. The question is: Was it worth it? Please read on...

The objective of the game is to come first from 4th position as you're racing against 3 other CPU opponents throughout game, this is no ordinary race, as you'll be racing on motorways with real traffic. You have 4 vehicles to choose from, then from three tracks/levels ranging from Easy (Sunset), Medium (Starlight Heat) and Hard (Midnight Run). Then its onto the starting grid.

Lets start off with the coversion from the arcade to PSX, the whole of the in- game graphics are very poor with shabby and bland looking scenery, in particular the player's vehicle looking blocky . Almost everything from the arcade intro is here but worse graphically. Just to show how bad the conversion is the actual demo of the game itself, its running FMV of the actual in-game graphics, which makes it look slow and grainy. This is particularly bad as it shows that it was a rushed conversion. There are a number of flaws within the game; on starting the race, the handling of the vehicle is unresponsive, slow and sluggish, too often than not you'll be crashing into every corner, although it is possible to make the turns, you have to be turning very early into the corner which you'll oversteer too much and hit the sides which slows you down - the only easier way to do for me was by selecting the in-car view. Speaking of selectable views there is only two to select from, in-car or external. The in-car view is the best view for taking the sharp corners, while the exernal view is good for blocking any traffic from behind - but there is a flaw with this view as your vehicle is placed too far into the screen, therefore blocking your own view ahead.

The AI of the CPU cars are unforgiving, as you make even the slightest mistake they will be right behind you or most of the time overtaking you, they always manage to stay close to you without making a mistake. Even on the Easy setting you'll have a tought time coming first!

The number of tracks available are too short and there isn't enough variety within them. The music in the game is very minimal and nothing special, only the occasional guitar rift bursting out when you pass the checkpoints, the sound effects are pretty standard. As with most racing games there isn't much Japanese text so its fairly straight forward.

Overall, what seemed to be an average arcade racer 2 years ago now seems very dated and limited, there are far more better quality racing games for the PSX, E.G: Rage Racer, Runabout... unsuprisingly this is not one of them.

Replay Value