Title Macross: Do you remember Love?
Developer/Publisher Bandai Visual
Type 2D Shooter
English version Not available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Jotaru

If you have watched the famous anime series, Macross (Robotech) before, you probably have watched its movie version, Macross: Do you remember Love? before as well. As a matter of fact, this 2D shooter is based on this exact movie. The game is a straight port from the Sega Saturn verison, it included 2 CDs for the gameplay and cut scenes from the original movie. Plus it comes with a third extra CD which it is a demo of the upcoming Macross Digital Mission VFX-2. If you have played the Saturn version before, you don't have to buy this one again unless you want to try out the demo CD.

As you first started the game, you are treated with a nice introductory anime movie. This short movie is done by Gonzo, the same anime studio which produced the awesome cut scenes for Lunar and its highly acclaimed anime series, Blue Submarine No.6. In case you don't know, this intro movie is all done on computers, no cels involved.

About the gameplay, well, this is simply an old-school type of 2D shooter, so don't expect too much. You control the main character, Hikaru (Rick) and his Valkeryie (Veritech) through 11 levels of side-scrolling action. Your Valkeryie can transform into three different modes, each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages. As you probably know, Valkeryie's main weapon is missle attack, so you will always see the missles flying through the screen with smoke trails everywhere, very cool.

The artwork of each mecha (robot) are nicely done. For certain animated sprites, they're not well animated though, some animations look somewhat choppy. In terms of background arts, most earth backgrounds are drawn in details with trees, mountains, and buildings. However, the sky and space backgrounds are somewhat dull with less colors, but that's understable. Throughout each level, you will be treated with various cut scenes directly from the movie. Many cut scenes contain all the original dialogues, but they're all speaking in Japanese language.

Audio-wise, Macross fans should have a warm feeling because the background musics are all taken from the original movie. In particular, the last stage features the theme song by Minmei, what a memorable scene it is, it totally reminds me the dramatic ending from the movie.

The difficulty can be a joke to some people, especially if you're a hardcore gamer. Even the game sets in hard, you still don't feel too much of a challenge. Plus after playing the first few levels, the game becomes repetitve because every level plays pretty much the same way.

As a Macross fan, this game provided an enjoyable experience for me, the cut scenes reminded me the good old memories from the original movie (I first watched it back in the mid 1980s). Although the lack of challenge and repetitive gameplay hammer this game quite a lot; however, this is still the best Macross video game that I have played so far. Like I said before, this is just another 2D side-scrolling shooter, nothing too special about it. If you are a Macross fan, I recommend to buy this game because it will provide you a joy ride inside the movie. If you're a hardcore gamer, it's still worth a try if you have the free time and money.