Title Langrisser 1 and 2
Developer/Publisher Masaya
Type Strategy
English version Not Available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Mikeru

"Ancient Times, people had to battle in order to survive. Their battle for an affluent Kingdom became a legend. This legend is known as..."


Being a game fanatic for many years, there will be a period where you will feel that there are too many common qualities between games. The objective of most RPG's up to date seem to always be leveling up and going through the story. NCS/ Masaya's "Langrisser" series requires more work. Langrisser is a series very unknown to the States. If you recall back to the Genesis days, there was a game called "Warsong". Around that time, most genesis owners were concentrating too much on Sonic, so this masterpiece was ignored. "Warsong" was actually Langrisser I. Being disappointed at the responses towards its US release, NCS/Masaya decided to continue the series in Japan. This result is a very big loss to the US gaming industry because games like Langrisser could have undoubtedly competed against the popular Final Fantasy series.

First, I would like to point out the first two chapters of Langrisser doesn't emphasize too much on graphics. By the way, even for the 2D graphics it offers, I feel it is the best 2D graphic I've ever seen on PSX! Before I purchased this game I already has Der Langrisser for PC-FX. According to my analysis, there is no difference in graphics. And another thing we must keep in mind is that this is a remake! Yes, a remake. I found the character portraits replaced, BGM remastered, and many menus redone. Maybe 2D graphics would not appeal you, but that is not all the game has to offer. Langrisser has animation sequences! A PSX game that I recall that has the best animation must be Alice in Cyberland, but it can not compare to Langrisser's cinemas. I am not making this statement with out proof. I actually compared it with my PC-FX version. Surprisingly, there was no difference!

Here is my suggestion: If you are a serious gamer who has lost excitement in playing games, Langrisser will revive you! Honestly, After playing Final Fantasy VII, I lost my interest in games. Luckily, Langrisser brought me back ^_^!!!


Hundreds of years have passed since the battle between Dyhalt Shogun & Bozel, the dark master. Descendants of Prince Ruin now must face what Lord Kaos brings........and only one sword can end this turmoil.....the sword which King Jeikuharuto turned into...... the twin of the evil sowrd Alhazard.....RANGURISSA......

Story Objective:

Part I: The Story of Ledin
At the beginning of the game, you assume the role of Ledin, prince of Barudia. Ledin's kingdom gets attacked by the evil emperor Degos. You must escape the castle with Worukofu & Namu. As the story progresses, Ledin engages in battles and discovers secrets about the Langrisser sword to regain his empire.

Part II: Return of Ledin's son, Elwin
At the beginning, you assume the role of Ledin's son, Elwin. Not mentioned in the game, Ledin's kingdom collapsed when Elwin was very young. Elwin was raised by a swordsman. From start, he is a rebel. As soon as he discovers his identity as a prince, with his friend Hein, he adventures in the war of swords. (Note: In Der Langrisser you get to choose your destiny)

Game genre
Langrisser is basically a war simulation. You instruct the commander and a horde of 60 soldiers. Like Dragon Force, there are many classes of soldiers (ex. harpies, horsemen, fairies, archers, priests;) Class changes: Fighter > Silver Knight > Sword Master

Like I said earlier the best 2D graphics I've ever seen on PSX. Dracula X was nice in a way, but I prefer Langrisser more.

Unlike the complex Langrisser III(story before part I), both chapter's gameplay's are the same. It is very user friendly. The loading time and battles are very fast.

1.) Choosing the number of troops each commander carries.
2.) Positioning of intial points
3.) Equiping items and shop
4.) Attack
5.) move

** My Ratings **


I just played Langrisser IV so it has to be off a little. Artwork was created by the author of Plastic Little and Legend of Lemnear, characters in the Langrisser series look good, especially the heroines. Although I once worshipped the graphics in Final Fantasy VII(and I still do) I I'm more of an anime fan so I prefer MR. Satoshii Urushihara's work.


Although they remasterd the tones, I still want to play the PC-FX version once in a while.


user friendly, build up difficulty, lots of items and magics