Title JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Developer/Publisher Capcom
Type 2D Fighting
English Version Feb 2000
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Jotaru

Like the title itself, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure may sound like a bizarre game, but don't let the title to fool you. Capcom has created another great 2D fighting game for Playstation since Street Fighter Alpha (Zero) 3. The gameplay is a lot different than you imagine, and that's the fun part of this game. Read on and find out why this is an unique game.

Like the other Capcom' licensed titles (ex: X-Men and Spawn), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is based on a popular, long-running manga (Japanese comic) series in Japan. Created by the manga genius, Hirohiko Araki. If you think the game is bizarre, you have seen nothing yet. The manga itself is more twisted and wierd than you can imagine, but it is a whole lot of fun to read, that's why it's one of the most popular manga series in Japan. It is first published in the mid 80s, and its latest chapter is still running in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. As you probably don't know, this series has six chapters so far, each chapter focuses on a member from the Joester family. And the title, JoJo is derived from its family member names, such as Jotaro Kujo and Joseph Joester. In this particular game, our hero, Jotaro Kujo is the main character from Chapter III of this long- running series. And indeed, the entire game is based on Chapter III. The story starts from Jotaro's mother is in serious pain. In order to save his mom, Jotaro's group is set on a bizarre adventure to Egypt and fights with its family's ultimate enemy, Dio.

In the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the creator, Hirohiko Araki introduced a fighting spirit called "Stand." For the people who have Stand power, they can use such fighting spirits to help them fighting with the other Stand users. Each Stand has its own special abilities, and it's up to the Stand users on how to utilitize its power. Not only humans, but animals can be Stand users too. Although most Stands are in human shapes, there're some stands shaped in different forms. For example, Jotaro's Stand, Star Platinum specializes in speed and power; while Hol Horse's Stand, The Emperor is a shotgun.

After the above introduction, I think you kinda get the idea of how deep and complex that the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is. But for the game itself, all you need to know is playing the game for pure fun, and certainly, this game is a blast to play with. This Playstation version is actually based on the version 2 of the arcade version. In which, it has more characters to choose from, more than 20 playable characters available.

Stand plays an important role in this game. Whenever you like, you can press the Stand button and calls the Stand up to help fighting. Each Stand has its own unique power, and uses it in the right time is important. For example, if you use Jotaro's Star Platinum's speedy punches in long range, Jotaro himself becomes defenseness. So if the opponent dodges that attack, he/she can come near Jotaro and beats him easily.

With a different controlling scheme than the other Capcom fighting games, it may take some time for the players to get used to. The three levels of punches and kicks are now grouped into three buttons. The fourth button is used for calling the Stand up. With different combinations (it's better to configure first in the option screen), you can dodge the opponent's attack by moving through the opponent. Like the other Capcom games, after you charge up to certain levels, you can execute the Super Combo move, each character has about two or three Super Combo moves. Comparing to the original arcade version, the major addition of this game is the exclusive Super Story Mode. The story mode is mostly based on the original manga, it shows all the enemies that Jotaro's group has to fight. Besides the regular one-on-one battles, there are many mini-games to play as well. Definitely a great treat if you're tired fighting the one-on-one battle.

Graphics-wise, like Street Fighter Alpha 3, Capcom did a great job translating this game. The character animation moves almost as smoothly as the arcade version. The background and character arts look great too. However, the Stand's color has toned down quite a bit. That's understandable because of the limited RAM, less color means a smaller palette, and it really helps to load the game more quicker. Even though the Stand colors have toned down, they still look decent.

The music and sound effects are okay in this game, but the voice samples sound a bit quite inferior, it doesn't sound crisp and loud. Like the Stand color issue, I guess Capcom did this to load the game more quicker.

Overall, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a great 2D fighting game created by the game experts in Capcom. Besides Street Fighting Alpha 3 (Zero 3), this is definitely another best arcade conversion. The introduction of Stand really makes this game more interesting because each Stand is so unique, or I should say, bizarre. Sure, this game may appeal more to the fans who read the manga or watched the anime series; however, the gameplay is fun, plus it has good graphics and interesting characters, any 2D fighting game fans should not miss this awesome fighting game. Highly recommended.


Score: Best out of 10