Title Intelligent Cube
Developer/Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Type Puzzle
English Version Available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by R. Vaidya

At E3 it was playable on a couple terminals. Very few people played it. I suppose most people couldn't figure out what to do. At times controllers were thrown down in what seemed like confusion or frustration or even disgust. Let them hang! This is the best puzzler since Puzzle Bobble 2.

IQ is about survival. IQ is a cold, excellent, Kafkan puzzler. You manipulate Eliot, a tiny fellow wearing a tie, on a 3-D playing field suspended in an infinite, black, ethereal void. The field is rectangular, much longer than wide. Eliot is placed at one end; from the other end, a legion of blocks relentlessly trundle towards him.

Here's the premise: Three types of blocks (black, luminescent green, regular) make up each block pattern. Dissolve green and regular blocks. Highlight a square on the playing field onto which a block will roll. When your chosen block touches the highlighted square, dissolve it. (Fantastic pyrotechnics accompany block dissolution.) Leave black blocks. Dissolving a black block results in a segment of the playing field breaking off, thereby shrinking the field. Use green blocks to dissolve six to nine blocks at once. Also, the playing field shrinks if you fail to clear a certain amount of green or regular blocks.

Once you get the hang of it, IQ is extremely addictive. Its pace is frenetic. High levels are difficult to win, requiring expert, split second planning and timing. IQ's graphics are beautiful and functional, its sounds and voices are crisp and ominous, and its stirring symphonic music is remarkable. A two-player mode (where you and your adversary take turns with one controller) and unlocking extra characters heighten replay value. Even IQ's menu design is perhaps the best I've seen.

A well-made game throughout. Don't miss it.