Information about Japanese Playstation Games

Till the end of April 1998, there are over 1300 Playstation titles have been released in Japan already, but only 20% of them have been translated for either US or European market. In other words, we have missed many cool Playstation games. This page will give you more information regarding Japanese games.

First of all, most Japanese games are filled with Japanese text/speech (of course, Japanese games for Japanese gamers), but some are mixed with both English and Japanese. Adventure, RPG and strategy games are usually have a lot of Japanese text. On the other hand, action, shooting, fighting, racing and puzzle games have minimal amount of Japanese text. Good thing is most of these games are quite easy to figure out after several times of trials and errors.

Almost every Japanese Playstation game costs at either 5800 or 6800 yen (around US $43 to 53). Some have different prices though, a few of them may cost as high as 9800 yen. All Japanese Playstation games come with full color manuals, some even come with either free gifts and strategy guides. For example, Arc the Lad and Macross Digital Mission VFX come with stickers. Bushido Blade comes with a full color guide book. By the way, some free gifts are given out during the first shipment only.

If you decided to buy a Japanese game, make sure your system is capable to play them. If you are not sure, go to How to play Japanese games on foreign systems?.

Where to buy Japanese Playstation games? If you live in the US, you can buy from a few mail-order stores. For example, go to visit NCS, Tronix, Buy Rite, Game Cave and The Rage...etc.