Title Double Dragon
Developer/Publisher Urban Plant/Technos
Type 2D Fighting
English Version Not Available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Stephane Dorelli

Double Dragon is a port from the Neo Geo, this is the new version adapted from the movie. Let's start talking about the intro, the FMV is quite impressive: you see M. Dacasco and all the movie characters in action, not to mention it supports with a great Hard Rock FM track. Movie quality is good, but it is a bit pixelized and jerky.

Graphics: Not as good as the others game, but they are the same than the Neo Geo version. Not surprising, and not disappointing, it is simply average. All characters are quite big, the backgrounds are simple and clean. Nothing to say.

Animation: Featuring zoom effect, ala Samurai Shodown, the animation is quick, with violent hit effects. On the other hand, zoom effect makes the game pixelized. It is pretty bad, but not an important element in the game. All characters' moves peform smoothly and quickly, pretty good in this area.

Music: Damn! My CD game is corrupted... I can't have my money back nor get another game. So I can't make my best evaluation. However, I listened to them in my CD-AUDIO and they are identical to the Neo Geo version (that's normal...). They are adequate for this type of game (arcade, of course). SFX (Sound effects) are good, with clear vocal sound effect when you win.

Playability: I must tell you : I don't play this game now. In the one hand, the corrupted sound tracks disgusted me. On the other hand, I must say that it's not impressive at all. No FMV, contrary to the intro, an a few amount of bad scanned pics, very sad. Sure, the game is playable, but not very interesting, and that's the main weak point. Options are numerous, with a "tin 3D option" (you play the game in a false, plain 3D ...lame.) and the classics Hard-Normal-Easy and Mono-Stereo. All is written in Japanese, but easy to figure out.


Weak point - simple and pixelized graphics, average playablility, and lame ending sequences.

Strong point - FMV intro, good soundtracks, good characters, and good animation.

Total : 6/10. If you've played too much either Tekken or Street Fighter EX, I guess you can try this game, it is indeed a rare 2D fighter for Playstation. But don't pay it too much (max. 25 or 30 US$). Test it first before you buy it.