Title Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix
Developer/Publisher Konami
Type Dance Simulation
English Version Coming soon in 2001
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Abe

As far as Konami's Bemani series go, Dance Dance Revolution has always been one of the very best, and most popular game, ahead of its other musical games such as Guitar Freaks, Bishi Bashii, Drum Mania and Beatmania...etc. If you haven't heard about this game series before, here is a brief introduction. Dance Dance Revolution also commonly knows as DDR, it is first debuted in Japanese arcades back in 1998. The game concept is actually nothing new, it has been done before by some other game companies for the home consoles. However, Konami refreshes the same basic formula, but combining with new technology, simple gameplay, flashy graphics and upbeat music, DDR gradually has gained the hearts by many teenagers. Even the people who normally don't play games or go to arcades are now turned into DDR fans. In particular, this game is popular among teenage girls in Japan and many asian countries too.

If you want to play the same way like the arcades, it's best advised that you buy the special controller along the game. This special controller is actually a dancing floor mat with four arrows (up, down, left, right) and a neutral area in the middle. If you cannot afford the mat, you can also use the regular controller, but you will not get the same enjoyment like you actually dance on the mat. Anyway, the gameplay is really simple. There are four direction arrows on top of the screen. As the music starts, a number of arrows scroll from the bottom to the top of the screen. The player needs to step in the directions when the two arrows match together on the top of the screen. Usually the songs go in beat and rhythm along with the arrows. Yes, the gameplay sounds easy, but it will take a lot of time and effort to master it. Especially when you unlock the SSR mode (Step Step Revolution, basically a maniac mode), even the best dancers have hard times to keep up the beats.

Graphically, DDR 3rd mix has improved slightly here and there, it is more flashier and have better polygon models than the previous two games. If you have seen DDR before, graphics is never the focus of this game. As the players dance, the background graphics are the last thing they look at. Their bodies and minds are fully concentrating on the rhythm and arrows. Unless the songs are in slow rhythm, players may have the time to glance the background graphics once in a while.

To most DDR players, the main attraction of this game is most likely the music. The songs are ranging from pop to techno, and hip-hop to rave. It depends on your taste of music, some really catchy tunes include Boom Boom Dollar, Butterfly, and Mr. Wonderful...etc. If you are tired on the DDR 2nd mix and begged for more songs, no problem, DDR 3rd mix delivers 36 songs in the regular mode, plus 16 hidden songs.

Konami has added some new options in the Playstation version which it makes more interesting. Besides the SSR that it mentioned earlier, there is a new Diet Mode. Like what it sounds, the purpose of Diet Mode is to help the player to have fun playing the game, as well as doing exercises at the same time. In other words, the purpose of this mode is to lose weight by dancing. Diet Mode can calculate how many songs that you have to dance in order to lose the amount of calories.

With no doubt, DDR 3rd Mix is simply a great game in almost every aspect, from high replay value to the best music you can find in any game. And it is even more fun to play against a friend. Let's party and dance!!