Title Mad Panic Coaster
Developer/Publisher Hakuhodo
Type Action/Shooter
English version None
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Glenn Liljestrand

Now this is what you can call a hillarious game! But does that mean it's good? Well read on...

You play the part of two little kids riding some terrifying roller coasters at 5 different locations, ranging from scary ghost houses to snowy outdoor landscapes. Each location has a number of sub-levels and a boss to be defeated.

Since I don't read Japanese, I can't tell you anything about the game story, if there even exists one. The game starts very sudden with a cool intro, where you see a consert with monsters playing some heavy punk music. It looks very funny and I laughed a lot watching the intro with my friends! There is no option menu in the game, you can only choose to start your game or go to a nice music test menu. That's one of the few positive things in this game, I really wish more games had music tests.

When you finally start a new game, the first thing you notice is the awful, yet VERY fast graphics. The scenery is quite empty, yet colourful and the "wagon" you sit in + the main characters/enemies are all blocky 2D-sprites. I'm not exaggerating if I say this game is the fastest I've seen on the Playstation. Most of the time you just can't keep up with the speed and fall over the edge. The music is like the game, fast and furious punk style with screaming guitars and loud drums. Sound effects are chaotic and therefore fits the game perfectly. I especially like the scream your main characters make before starting each level.

Control is very awkward when you play for the first time, but you'll eventually learn how to do control your wagon properly. You have the ability to jump, throws bombs in front of you, and of course steer left/right to try and keep on track. The levels are packed with enemies and other obstacles. The best tactic is to just jump around and shoot frequently and hope for the best...

Real action fanatics may find this game amusing for a day or two. But as the true RPG-fan I am, this game means nothing to me and I think It's pure garbage. Although you get some good laughs trying it for the first time...

Final verdict: 3/10