Title Choro Q 2
Developer/Publisher Takara
Type Racing
English version Not Available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Scottie Stuart

Ever since the release of Choro Q, Japanese gamers and importers have been wailing for a sequel. Well Choro Q 2 has made its debut, and if you liked the CQ1 you’ll like the second. The cartoony racing game is filled with even more goodies than the first including more bodies, more accessories, specialized shops, cooler sound effects and the ability to give your car a paint job.

The game is perfect for racing and sim players. It mixes the mechanics of driving into a cute little game that will keep you playing for hours after your bedtime. With over 70 car, truck, and bus bodies to choose from you are sure make your auto resemble the car of your dreams or the one in your driveway. After picking your car body, why not paint it up exactly the way you want it. You can paint big portions of the car at once or bit by bit. I have never seen a racing game with so many options. I thought the realism factor had climaxed when I made a flat black VW bug (good resemblance to my car, without the dings), but it got even better when I played through the game a bit and found even more additions to the car. Now I found the perfect spoiler and a groovy sounding horn.


Caution here folks. When first playing this game don’t expect a Rage Racer or a Wipeout. This game will NOT appeal to you if you are a die hard speed seeker. In fact the control of your car and speed will be terrible at first. Only after winning a few races and building up your car a bit will you be able to appreciate the finer elements of this game. The speed and control will come in this game, you just have to be patient. Also, while this game does have a two-player mode, it is atrocious. The view you have is next to nothing when it’s at 1/2 screen and the game slows down. Nothing to worry about if you don’t have someone next to you begging to play, but if you do have a buddy there who wants to race I say you should break out your SNES and throw in Super Mario Kart.


While the cartoony graphics have been improved since Choro Q 1, the polygon breakup gets a bit annoying. Cars and environment are very pretty.


Realistic bumping, tire squealing , and engine revving make this one of the best Racing SFX games. The music sounds like it came out of a MIDI collection and is somewhat entertaining. No voice at all, it could have used some commentary.


While it may not seem so at first, this has control that is unmatched by any Racing game. Different tires react to different terrains and steering is very realistic. You can start sliding around turns unless you learn to let up on the gas and not to use the brake to turn. If you follow the mechanics of real-world driving, you should have a lot better luck than if you try to pull any Rage Racer stuff.


This is one of those games that sneaks up on you and bites on the behind. It’s a lot like Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo in the sense that you start playing it when you’re bored and want to see why your friend bought a game with such and awkward sounding title, and by the time your friend comes back you snarl at him like a rabid dog to leave you alone until you finish playing. The only problem is, the two-player mode isn’t satisfying in this game so the only way your friend will be able to get you to stop playing is to pull the power cord.


Quite a but of fun. A good import to buy, even if all the menus are in Japanese. Like most other imports, the menus will just have to be memorized or written down on a sheet of paper. Stick with the game, and you should be in for a treat.