Title Bastard!!
Developer/Publisher Seta/Shueisha Publishing
Type Role Playing
English Version Not Available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Antony Santoso

First of all, I would like to say that I had little impression on the movie intro. When you entered the game, it is filled with text which unfortunately, it is written in Japanese (of course, it's a Japanese game). Also with a bit disappointment, the movie didn't have any dialogue at all which before I played the game, I was expected there would have some dialogues.

Battle mode: For the battle mode, I think it is not hard to learn because there are not many options as in the other games such as New Super Robot War. And yes, there is an Combination Spell which can perform by two or three characters. The combination spells can also be done by two or three characters who didn't have the same spells. Combination spells can be used after the characters have reached at certain level.

Story: The story in this game is quite interesting. If you know Japanese, the story always had connection to the past experience with each character. There are many conflicts in the story and you can usually get the other characters by fighting (Some characters would not join you if you don't fight with them).

That's all I have to say. For the story, I cannot tell you, because I personally cannot either read Japanese text or speak Japanese. I have already played half of this game and I used my instinct all the time.

This game is not for everyone (especially if anyone who don't have any knowledge of Japanese language). The reason is there are many questions that you have to choose for the appropriate answers after you met certain characters or story situation. If you are Bastard fan and understand Japanese pretty well, then you shouldn't miss this good title.