Title Baby Universe
Developer/Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Type 3D Kaleidoscope
English Version Not Available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Christian

I'd been wanting this game for a while because of my desire to listen to music with reactive graphics displayed on the screen. I don't have a jag CD (imagine that) so this looked perfect. After playing with it, I have to say it's a fairly OK product. I also decided to review it because suddenly Buyrite is advertising it for $29.99 and Tronix has it for $35 and I figured people might be curious what's up with it. That's why it's in my hands right now.

Ok. First off, it's not really that music reactive. It has 4 modes, essentially. (1) 3D kaleidoscope. You can mess with the buttons and make it change the polygon structures, or pick them off of a menu. It's kind of tacky, actually, imo. Fun if you don't have a real kaleidoscope anyway, and you can rotate it and stuff. (2) Trippity mode, where it's essentially the same thing but the polygons are flat shaded and trailing, like an acid trip! MAH GOD. Yeah, how boring and kind of ugly and made me feel a bit pukey. (3) Spinning flat thing mode (no, none of these are the real names as you may have gathered. It's nearly textless.) Where a pattern that's flat (not polygons) spins around, sort of wheel-shaped, it's nice and relaxing. And then (4) (I saved the best for last!) The Oscilloscope mode. This is the mode that's really music reactive. There are several oscilloscope dealies to pick from that are (as far as I can see) frequency reactive, and they move in time to the music. Once BU loads, it's safe to pop the disc and put in whatever music CD you want to listen to. So... during the oscilloscope mode, here's what you can do:

1. change the color scheme with R2
2. add trails with R1
3. scale in with L1
4. scale out with L2
5. speed up the framerate with UP
6. slow down the framerate with DOWN
7. access the CD track data and fps data with TRIANGLE
8. skip track forward with O
9. skip track backward with X
10. change the CD play mode with SQUARE (repeat all/repeat one/shuffle)

That's it. It's fun and it looks nice... reasonably nice. It's not bad to have on and sit around and look at occasionally. It's ambient and reasonably nice. I leave it on a lot. I wouldn't pay more than like US$15 for this disc. The music-reactive graphics aren't nice or exciting enough to stand out. The kaleidoscope graphics are imo just too tacky to ever bother playing with much past that first time.