Title Aubird Force
Developer/Publisher Team Bughouse/Bandai
Type Strategy
English version Not Available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Travis Steiner

Well for an awesome game which came out in December'96, I'm probably writing this review pretty late. However, those of you out there who have not heard of or experienced the thrill of the greatest strategy game of all time. That's a pretty bold statement considering all of the great ones which have come out in the past. Aubird is different however from any game of the genre.

It is a 3d, turn based game. You pick one of two generals to command a fleet of warships against an enemy force. I can't read japanese so i couldn't tell you if you're fighting aliens or something else. You start off with a cruiser and four pilots. Each pilot can either fly a fighter or mech- like unit. After every fourth or so mission, you get a resupply of units, pilots and weapons. Eventually as your rank improves, you can choose from new classes of warships, equipable with new laser turrets, missle systems, etc. Each pilot will recieve medals, promotions, and skill increase depending on their performance in battle.

In battle, you have multiple scenarios including patroling a sector, escourting a vessel, or destroying an enemy base. The game is a blast to play, I spent many hours on this one. The graphics of this game are very good, with occasional but not too frustrating slow downs. The music is awesome, no other words can describe it. With somthing like 26 levels, you won't be disappointed with this one.

Replay Value