Title Advanced V.G.
Developer/Publisher TGS
Type 2D Fighting
English Version Not Available
Reviews #1

Review #1 by Toranaga Akira

Soon, the sequel to the fighting game Advanced Variable Geo will be released. Let us explore why or why not this game would even deserve a sequel to it's parent title.

First off, the story mode is pretty with it's anime rendering with voices of the main character's story in between fights. I guess they had to do that one nice as there is no story mode for the other characters (they do have two different endings though in a different mode that doesn't have these cinemas). When you beat the story mode, you get access to the two very cheap bosses (try beating one of them on a totally black screen in story mode), also, in some of the stages the music is quite good. Only a few though.

Now, let me get in to the much uglier part of the game, the game. The moves, which there is a definite lack of, are mostly Street Fighter rip-offs and lack any real originality or flair. The game gets boring quickly and you'll soon find yourself saying "I wish I would have rented this game first." The characters aren't very exciting either, especially the main character, who is a Ryu-clone with exactly 3 moves, all in likeness to Ryu's and done the same way. I'd lose the flashiness any day if the gameplay was just...well..uh..good. Maybe the sequel will take care of it, but I still think I'll rent it first if possible, and if not possible, I'll just let it pass this time.

Why they decided to make a sequel to this game I'll never know. I guess the insanity of life just called for it. Whatever the reason, remember to try before you buy. As for the first game, I give it a 4 out of 10. Beware!!!!!