Title Armored Core: Project Phantasma
Developer/Publisher From Software
Type 3D Action
English Version Available
Reviews #1, #2

Review #1 by Roderick Bell

Mechs, mechs, mechs and more mechs! That's what I want and I am sure not the only one; anyone into japanese animation knows about mechs, even RAMNA and MAISON IKKOU fans know about 'em. They are absolutely wonderful...from MACROSS to GIANT ROBO, from GUNDAM to the VISIONS OF ESCAFLOWNE(aweome series just wish it was translated) to the ultimate NEON GENESIS EVANGELEON, mechs have always been fascinating!

Now knowing all of that you could probably guess that I have played a fair amount of mech games...pc's and consoles; though mech warrior and heavy gear were fun for a while, they have steep requirements to get the most out of them( arrrgghhh those damn video cards....3dfx this...gl that...how much!!!???!!!); and all of them miss that Japanese mech feel to it. Then came Armored Core for the playstation and to my eternal gratitude FROM software answered my prayers; not only could I have great graphics, sound, and gameplay, but huge varying battlefields, interactive settings, and most importantly I am not stuck with the same old boring premade mechs. Now I am GOD and I can my friggin' mech any way I friggin' want, paint it whatever the heck( pg-13 review by the way) I want and arm that puppy to the max....errr that is if you could afford it!! It seemed FROM software had a sadistic streak in them when they deseigned the game in that you had to pay for you ammo and armour whenever you used it, which was pretty much all the time!!!!! Tie that into some steep mission requirements and that could be quite frustrating at times (unless god forbid you had cheat codes...naughty, naughty if you did).

Well the good folks at FROM Software loved us mech fans so much they made us a sequel only a few months apart and baby do I love it! First off FROM said "the hell if we are gonna change ya from having to pay for ya ammo and armour( which by the way ya to buy from us...heh, heh, hee!)" ruffly translated from japanese, but we will compromise and give you a separate tournament in the game, where you can fight your way up from the bottom of 50 fighters; now every time you win you can get paid and you do not have to pay for weapons and damage, plus every few matches you get new mech parts that are supreme (no not that bastard from image comics), I'm talkin' parts from hell baby!!!! Now money does not become an issue anymore, but when can I get some sleep, cause I can not gany sleep!!! I gotta go after #34...well maybe I will stop at 29...crap now I gotta go to work...that sucks man!

Now I am being deliberate in keeping this review very untechnical, there is no need to be because chances are that you played the first one and if not you can always rent it; the game is very much the same only more so, with the addition of the 50 mech tournament new parts, harder missions( oh yes!), 4 times as many customizable insignias, new color schemes, and the great sounds and graphics from the first (boy do I love that female japanese voice, don't know what she's saying but it is just so appropriate for this game)! You all probaly know that you can import your ultimate mech from the first game to this one via memory card! The 2 player is also intact and just as fun with even better fighting environments; this also links up, but I wonder if it links up with the first disc....that would be great if it did!

The only thing left to say is if it is worth the purchase following the close release and the present american release? My opinion is yes, because if Sony decides to release it, it will be a long while because of the relatively recent american release of the 1st one; and because of Sony's "play some now....save some for later mentality." And who knows if they will release anyway? The bottom line is if you love mech games this is a lot better than those mech games out there now; and as a side note I HAD Real Robots Final Attack and Z-gundam...the operative word being HAD; and I will leave it at that!!